LightTAG legacy

The LightTAG project has now ended. LightTAG enabled 62 young people from across the South East to build confidence and achievement through a unique science and media art collaboration. LightTAG encouraged the young people to tell personal stories about their life and demonstrated how art and science work together through light. Science and art have much in common – both are trying to make sense of the world around us.

You can check out the fantastic work here on this blog and on facebook.

Be sure to check out the beautiful catalogue under the blog Exhibition page and see the LightTAGs created by the young people for the final exhibition.

After an undisclosed amount of emails, more than 1750 images and 22 animations, 23 full days of exciting workshops at 6 different universities and a touring exhibition at 6 galleries, we say goodbye for now. We hope you will enjoy the work produced by the 62 LightTAG artists.

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